Who We Are

Winning means helping others in the best way we can. For the team at Wilner Tech, helping means protecting businesses from cyber criminals.

This includes training, assissting Managed IT Service Providers on security best practises as well as helping small businesses stay ahead of the baddies.



Security Assessments

It does not matter how strong and expensive your door is when the hinges are located on the outside. With a security assessment, we are looking to ensure your systems are securely configured.

You will recieve a simple report with action items to secure your assets.

Disaster Recovery

Can your business recover from disaster? Are your backups protected?

We will work to ensure that your data can be securely restored from threats both natural and man-made.

Security Implementation

We are here to assist in all of the stages of getting a cyber security implementation plan off the ground.

Starting from the scoping process, all the way to testing and validation, we always ensure that security comes first.